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In today’s increasingly globalised world, communication goes to the heart of everything we do.

However, few people are truly equipped to help businesses  work better across borders. Just one step wrong will see you lose potential clients to your competitors, so you need to put your best foot forward when presenting your company to foreign markets.

To do this, you need someone who can perfectly reflect your values abroad through meticulous research, a keen eye for detail and an in-depth knowledge of your industry. My name is Marie Jackson. Specialising in  business, marketing and  law, I offer the complete package of linguistic services to complement your international business operations.

How can I help you meet your objectives?

Why am I the best fit for your business?

I know my stuff…

Qualified and professional, I stick to what I know and do it well

Big on consistency, so you can present a uniform corporate image

Valuable cultural insights into the countries where you do business

A real person who won’t treat you like a number (unlike an agency!)

… and I also know yours

Your needs will be understood because I’m a business owner too

Dedication to life-long learning means I know your industry inside out

Efficient working processes because you’re working to a deadline

Value-added services to save you precious time and money

But why take my word for it?

Here’s what other people say about my work:
I hired Marie to proofread and edit the English copy of my website and to help me come up with a strapline for my translation business. Marie’s professional attitude shines through from A to Z. A delight to communicate with, she was always quick to respond to my queries and made sure I was more than satisfied with the result. I can’t recommend Marie highly enough to anyone who will not settle for anything less than an immaculate text.
Malgo Porzezynska, owner of German translation company Meem Translations


Looking-Glass Translations has now reopened for 2019! The following contact hours currently apply:

  • Monday–Friday, 8am to 4pm (GMT)

Please note that there may be a small delay in getting back to you; I am not currently able to help with urgent enquiries.

Revised office hours reflecting this change in availability will be made available soon.