Welcome to the round-up post for my Boost Health Awareness mini-series, part of the Looking-Glass Translations productivity programme!

Get healthy, get happy, get things done!

This week I’d like to round off the first mini-series in my productivity programme, which was all about boosting your health to boost your business. Below you’ll find all of the articles in the series – meaning that you now have a handy one-page reference to help you on your way!


My top terrible freelancer health habits (or how to kill your productivity)

The first post of the series discusses some of the bad habits business owners get into, touching on the key themes of the coming series: eating right, sleeping right and getting some exercise.

These four bad habits can impinge on your freelancer fitness!

Healthy eating for improved productivity: meal-time tips for foodie freelancers

The second post of the series examines meal-time tips for freelancers who want to eat healthy, but don’t have the time. It also features some fantastic suggestions from fellow business owners on Twitter. It was great to see people getting involved!

Looking-Glass Translations: Healthy eating for improved translator productivity

Drinking water: a free and easy tip to boost your business productivity

Next up is a post filled with fab tips on boosting your business by watering your brain. The post is a natural progression from discussions on eating right, and is particularly relevant to desk-bound workers who can lose hours without even noticing.

How drinking water can help boost our health and productivity

Stop sitting now! 3 easy ways to get fit while getting paid

When you have to wear so many hats as a business owner, it’s easy to forget that your lifestyle could be damaging your health. This post examines how to combat freelancer fitness syndrome by sitting less – all without losing steam.

Get fit to boost your business and your health

Productivity and the healthy freelancer: an interview with Sara Colombo

The title says it all! Click here to read all about how the undisputed expert in healthy freelancing works to boost her health every day.



Sleep, rest and relaxation: the key to a successful business

Sleep and rest are vital to our happiness and productivity, and this is very convenient, since the majority of business owners could really do with a little more. This post explains the benefits of taking some time out and outlines the best ways to maximise what little sleep you’re getting.

Sleep is good for your business, health and productivity

Sleepy? Love coffee? Here’s how to get the best bang for your caffeinated buck

If there were a venn diagram for business owners and caffeine addicts, I imagine that the circles would overlap almost completely. This post will show you when to drink coffee to get the most out of your favourite magic beans.

Caffeine: the freelancer's fuel!

Freelancer illness: when microbes attack

Even when you do everything right, things can still go wrong. Here’s how to help your business bounce back when you’re feeling under the weather.

How best to prepare for freelancer illness

So what’s next?

I’m so glad you asked! Now that you’re all health superstars, the Looking-Glass Translations productivity programme will be moving on to how to analyse how you use your time.

This is a key skill for anyone who has a job (i.e. most people around the globe), but some are better at it than others.

The second productivity mini-series, Analyse Time Usage, will give you the tools to work out exactly how you’re doing, and lay the foundations to take things to the next level without even breaking a sweat.


Have you been following this series from the beginning? If so, did you learn anything new about staying fit and healthy that has changed the way you do business? And do you have anything to add? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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