Welcome to the round-up post for my Analyse Time Usage mini-series, part of the Looking-Glass Translations productivity programme!

Time management is a mindset!

This week, I’d like to round off the second mini-series in my productivity programme, which was all about understanding how you use your time to help you boost your productivity.

Below you’ll find all of the articles in the series – meaning that you now have a handy one-page reference to help you improve your time management!


You really want to understand how you use your time. Here’s why.

The first post of the series discusses why you should make it a priority to understand how you use your time. It’s as if there’s not enough time in the world… but understanding how you use yours will help you to get more done. This post explains why.

A clock face floating on water

6 fantastic free time-tracker tools for busy people

Time sheets suck. This post reveals the secret to banishing boring spreadsheets for good. Track your time the smart way with these time-tracking tools.


The cult of busy: why you’re addicted to multitasking and how to kick the habit

Multitasking is prized in our busy world, but science tells us this is a recipe for disaster. Instead, kick-start your productivity with these simple tips.

 Busy street full of hectic people

3 numbers that might just change how you look at your time

The problem is often not the problem, but how you think about the problem. Apply this rule to how you look at your time and it may just change your life.

Time will always pass but you can make it count!


What to do when everyone wants a piece of you: 10 tips for handling super stressful days

Super stressful days can make you want to hide away until steam stops coming out your ears. Here’s 10 tips on how to come back from it all smiling.

Stressed person


So what’s next?

I’m so glad you asked! Time management is a big topic, so I’ll also be discussing it next month, this time with a focus on eliminating distractions – an especially useful skill that will help you work smarter using what you’ve learned about how you spend your time.

Once distractions have been eliminated, you’ll be in the perfect position to re-evaluate your priorities and become more productive than you’ve ever been before – which is of course the key to finally winning back your free time (yay!).


Have you been following this series from the beginning? If so, has anything you’ve learned about time management changed the way you do business? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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