Translation, proofreading and editing

You craft your corporate literature for maximum impact. Don’t let this get lost in translation! Let me help you consolidate your brand and communicate effortlessly with valuable partners overseas.



Your domestic corporate literature is top-quality, so why give your foreign-language materials anything less than the star treatment? A qualified native speaker, I will translate your French and German texts into powerful, yet readable English that reflects your values and mirrors your message.



You spend a lot of money on your materials, so don’t let them fall at the last hurdle! I’ll check them for spelling and grammar mistakes, punctuation errors, and consistency (font, spacing and formatting) so that you can be sure they contain no costly (or embarrassing) errors on publication.



Sometimes even diligent proofreading can’t save a poorly written document. Let me inject some style and panache into your corporate literature by improving the structure and flow of your texts. I’ll also check them thoroughly for awkward factual errors as part of the service.

Localisation of texts for the British market

If you’re a US company entering the British market, you need to adapt your materials to avoid alienating your audience. With careful attention to vocabulary, spelling, grammar and formatting, I will help you speak directly to British consumers and thus make a lasting good impression.


Contact me today to discuss how expertly written communications can help you tap into burgeoning foreign markets!